Why You Should Always Contact a Roofer if You Have a Leak

Why You Should Always Contact a Roofer if You Have a Leak

Roof leaks are something that homeowners face at least once.  If you don’t fix the problem right away it will not only get worse but you risk doing serious damage to the structural integrity of your home.  You can end up with mold which can damage not just your home but the health of you and your family.  Finding the leak can be tricky because the leak may be very small and not directly above where the water is coming into your home.  This is why you should always contact a roofer if you have a leak.

Signs to Look For

You can have a leak for a long time and not even know it, and it can be difficult to find the source of the leak.  You may see signs of damp on your ceiling or actually have water dripping down into your home.  You also want to keep an eye out for your paint bubbling or starting to peel.  There are a number of other signs that you should look out for and you can view them here.

Regular Maintenance

Even if your roof isn’t leaking right now it is still a good idea to still have it inspected every couple of years.  If you maintain and repair your roof when it needs it your roof can last for decades.  Things like storms, heavy snowfall, sunlight and time can all do damage to your roof.  Regular inspections will look for things like cracked seams, rusted screws and loose or broken tiles, all of which can leave your roof vulnerable to leaks.

Doing Your Own Maintenance

While it is recommended that you get a roofing contractor to do your maintenance and inspections but if you insist on doing it yourself then here are some safety measures you need to take.

    1. Always use safety ropes when you are on your roof and wear non-skid rubber soled shoes.
    2. Never inspect your roof in the rain, even if you have a leak wait until a sunny day. Wet roofs are slippery and you’re more likely to fall.
    3. Be extremely cautious of power lines while you are up there.